The Profitability of Buying Xerox Color Printers

The amazing Xerox color printers reviews. Xerox is a well-known name associated with printing business. The company has long been design printers for home as well as commercial purposes. Xerox colour printers have come up on the scene and these printers are just doing great.

For those who have felt the burden of high costs of cartridges, it has been over with the Xerox colour printers. Xerox is among very few companies who have claimed to lose 3.2-cent cost per color page in accordance with ISO/IEC standard.

Xerox colour printers are truly categorized as multifunctional printers, which can do lot of pro-business activities apart from printing. Whether it is the scan to PC, or USB or Email, or mobile printing, this range of Xerox printers can manage the jobs quickly and efficiently.

The technology used in Xerox printers has made mobile printing practical, simple and far more convenient. High image quality output is yet another benchmark of Xerox, and it continues to stay.

The typical Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) provides capabilities to businesses to make a quick connection to third-party software solutions that are made simple accessible with the touch-screen device. Many models of Xerox also come with Xerox FreeFlow Print Server, EX Print Server, powered by Fiery etc.

The printer is packed with technology that is giving superb security with integrated security features like IP filtering, encrypted scan-to-email, authentication, secure print, image overwrite, and IPv6 support. The color printers are perfect for Collateral, Direct Mail, and Photo Publishing job.

Promising benefits of Xerox color printers

Each printer has its own valuable set of benefits and likewise, Xerox too has its own. Here are the few leaping benefits associated with Xerox printers:

  • Ideal for all types of in-house printing jobs and maintains the color quality
  • Powerful security features, which help in protecting the sensitive data
  • Security features conform to stringent standards as well as regulations.
  • Capable of capturing, editing, managing as well as storing the documents with facility for the optional workflow.
  • Boost the business productivity by offering fast digital printing
  • Provides quite affordable digital color solutions in any type of environment
  • Scalable in nature providing the printing options that are reliable and effective for all types of businesses

Think of making the right choice of Xerox printers and bring practical difference in your business. With various types of color printer models available from house of Xerox, obviously, there is no limit when it comes to making the choices.

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