Free Tips for Selecting Small Printers

Tips and tricks on selecting some of the best small printers guide. Do you want a printer for your home office? A good idea would be to make the choice from smallest printers. But, as there are several models of these small printers available in the market, it might be a bit hard to make appropriate selection of these printers.

All portable printers come in the category of smallest printers, and these printers just fit into any kind of space. These printers can also be laptop printers, running exclusively on the rechargeable batteries. Here are few tips that would prove useful when selecting free smallest printers:

Tip#1 - Set your priorities right - It is very important that your priorities and requirements are perfectly aligned before you make the decision to buy small printers. Do you want the printer that you are going to carry when you travel? Do you want a smallest printer that fits perfectly on the back seat of your vehicle? Make the choice after setting your priorities right.

Tip#2 - Want to buy color or black and white printer - There is a category of small color inkjets that provides good quality results. There are models of color printers that weigh not more than 4 or 5 pounds, and such types of printers are capable of printing at least 30 pages, and that will solve your purpose in someway or the other.

Tip#3 - Check the thermal printing technology - There are mono chrome small printers that can print with either the inkjet cartridges or use the thermal printing technology. The thermal printers have a similarity to what most of the fax machines. These printers have small outer size, but require special heat sensitive paper for printing purposes.

Tip#4 - Make your mind setup - Keep in your mind that the model of smallest printer that you are going to buy is not for the heavy duty printing needs. In case you are searching for the printer capable of printing 500 or more pages in 15 or 20 odd days, you need to search for the professional laser or inkjet color printers. For casual printing job, which doesn't require too much of serious reproduction, obviously your job is fulfilled by small sized printer.

Tip#5 - Select the brand - There are many brands available in the market, and which one suits your specific printing requirements is a question that you need to deal with. HP and Canon are the most prominent players in the market, and you need to find out HOW?

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