Solving Printer Problems

Who said to you that printer problems are virtually non-existent? They are not genies. These digital peripherals have been designed by humans, and irrespective of the very fact whatever type of branded printer you are using, there are printers problems.

5- Well-known Printer Problems Around

Ink Cartridge or Toner - One of the principal printers problems that pilfers good amount of money instantly from your pocket is faulty toner or Ink cartridge. All this while you were having nice, fast printing and as soon as you replace the old ink cartridge or toner with the new one, nightmares become true.

Printing just happens to stop abruptly. It is the time that you give a thought on checking the toner or ink cartridge. Do not use substandard cartridge or toner as this can cause serious problems.

Paper jam warning shows up - There can be several reasons why a paper jam warning shows up. Aggregation of dust particles on the rollers will show paper jam warning. In this situation you should uncover your printer tenderly to remove the paper from tray and the ink cartridge from carriage. Make use the damp cloth for cleaning the dust off the printer. Next, turn the running printer off for about 30-40 seconds and reload the paper.

Printer driver needs updates - The printer manufacturing companies are continuously updating their versions. There are some printers that would prompt you for updating, and there are still many existing versions of printers, where the updates have to be done manually using the simple process. In case you are in doubt on the kind of printer driver that is needed to be updated, a better idea would be to go to the printer manufacturer's website. Search for your printer and you will find the printer.

Printer is aging - Everything in this world and it means everything follows the aging process. Printers also age. The more old a printer, more printer faulty problems you are going to confront with. 4 to 5 years is a sufficient age for a home printer to age. There is no point of repairing or servicing the printer once its shelf life is over. You need to think of buying a brand new one without a second thought.

Keep these printer problems in your mind as it will help you to develop the in-depth understanding where exactly you need to fix those problems. In short, you are saving time and money to some extent.

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