Postscript Laser Printers

The usefulness of the amazing postscript laser printers. The term "Postscript" is quite a common term in printing, and you might have often come across it. "Postscript" is a page description language, and clearly describes what a page should actually look. Printer manufacturers such as HP use Printer Control Language (PCL), which happens to be yet another page description language.

Have you ever thought the real relevance of this term in the context of your printing? Let's take a quick view on it starting with the post script laser printers. "Postscript" isn't all that confusing as it might seem to you on the very first counter. The postscript laser printers, which extensively use "concatenative programming language," have been the essential turning point for industry.

Most of the printers available today are designed, programmed and manufactured to print the dots as rasterized images. The manner in which these dots will get arranged on page will eventually give you the look and feel of page.

The Usefulness of Postscript Laser Printers

Printers print dots. How these dots (raster images) are arranged on the page determines what you see, how the page looks. A printer uses an interpreter (printer driver) to translate digital documents created by your software into a raster image that the printer can print. However, there are documents that are usually created by desktop publishers and graphic designers, have very complex use of graphics and text, and this is where the PostScripts are used.

The PostScript language as well as the PostScript printer driver commands and guides the printer on how each document will be printed. PostScript is made device-independent, which clearly points, if any PostScript file is created for printing, it would print the same on any post script laser printers.

Nowadays, there are not many post script laser printers in the market, but whatever model types that are already there have translation layer for converting the text and image data into a fine tuned print. It is possible as the result of advanced printer drivers, which are provided by printer manufacturing company as the part of proprietary software.

Your choice of posts cript laser printers will depend on the nature as well as the type of printing job you like to go with. If you are running the printing business that requires only the typing on business letters, draw simple graphs, or do some elementary type of photo printing, you will not need to move far ahead and use the power of Post script laser printer. And everywhere else, the Postscript printer makes a good deal of investment for desktop publishers.

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