Why You Should Get Portable Printers for Notebook Computers

Portable printers for notebook computers are very handy to have, especially for someone constantly on the go. Some may argue that it could be slightly inconvenient to be carrying a printer and a notebook computer around - especially since nowadays, most offices you might visit will have printers.

There is also the convenience of internet cafes where you could avail of printing services, but consider the advantages of owning your own portable notebook computer printer.

In today's business world, mobility, portability and practicality are essential. Businessmen and women view notebook computers or laptops as a must for their business.

Companies both large and small almost always decide to invest in notebooks for their mobile workforce.

People whose jobs require them to travel and who have their own portable printer will save money and time, traveling around a new city looking for a printing shop or internet cafe just to print documents that they need.

Students will also find the portable printer useful for their use when doing schoolwork or reports outside the home, like in their dorm rooms or library.

Having portable printers for notebook computers allows someone the ease of immediately printing documents, pictures, personalized business cards, coupons, tickets, driving directions, and so much more from any location like a car, airport, in a hotel room, or on vacation.

Portable printers for notebook computers can also be used in the home for those times when "emergency" printing is necessary like a power failure, or when the desktop printer's ink runs out or jams.

Tips when buying or looking for a portable notebook printer are: look for the most recognizable and popular brand names like Canon or Hewlett Packard (HP).

Usually, these companies have their experience and reputation behind them, carry a wide range of replacement parts, and come with service warranties. Consider the operating software that you are running.

Most of today's portable printers support Windows or MAC. Resolution, printing speed, quality, and number of prints in between ink refills are factors that you should consider when looking for a portable printer.

Also, size and weight is a big factor. Choose the lightest printer for it to be truly portable. Portable printers come in wireless (using infrared, bluetooth, or wi-fi access) and plug-in.

While the wireless seems to be the better choice, consider how quickly they burn through batteries. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that store enough power for printing higher number of pages are recommended.

When looking for a wireless portable printer, always consider the Internet coverage of the signal. Today, there are so many stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and malls with wi-fi availability, especially in big cities.

On the other hand, plug-in printers usually come with a car adaptor. A good portable printer should not make too much noise when printing especially if you plan to use it in business meetings or libraries.

See how many paper sheets can be stored in a tray, and what the supported paper sizes are; more is better. Before buying portable printers for notebook computers, make sure that you test or ask for a print demonstration.

While portable printers are affordable today, the ink can still be expensive. Hopefully, with the fast-paced maturity of technology these days, prices will come down before too long.

Finally, it is always a good idea to do an internet comparison of features to make sure that you are purchasing the portable printer that will meet all your needs as well as suit your budget.

Portable printers for notebook computers are in our busy lives today, the best option for someone who wants documents or photos printed fast, convenient and on-the-go. Its portability, small size, versatility and ability to run on battery, lets you carry them anywhere you go and print anywhere you want.

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