Fixing the Paper Printers Jams

Our amazing tips & tricks for fixing the Paper Printers jaming. One of the most recurrent problems users face with the high technology digital printers are paper jams. A paper jam occurs in many cases. Whenever the paper becomes jammed in the printer there is a drastic situation occurring, and practically nothing is sent into the printer.

There have been several occasions when the printer jams have completely halted the entire process of printing for more than 24 hours. And the flip side is that paper jams can be quickly fixed, without causing any physical damage to the printers.

Here are few simple steps that you need to adhere to for fixing the paper printer jamming and preventing any future problems to occur:

Switch the printer off - If paper jamming shows up, the best thing to do is switch it off. In this way, you will carry out the fixing process without damaging the components of your printer.

Check the root cause of the problem - You should open the lid of printer and give a slow and steady look to understand the reasons behind paper jamming. You will also get possible ide where the paper has jammed. In addition, you also need to look at the rear of the printer. It will help you to locate the primary source of paper jamming.

Remove the printer paper - The first practical step that you need to take into consideration is to get rid of all the papers in the tray which have not been hammed. Next, remove the jammed sheet by pulling it in the direction of printer.

Switch on the printer - Once you are done with the job, you need to restart the printing process.

How to Avoid the Paper Jamming?

There are several practical and straight points that you need to keep in your mind about the paper jamming. You just cannot afford to have a paper jamming session each day, or else your professional situation would become too confusing. Here are few innovative steps that you need to look into, for preventing another paper jam:

  • Avoid mixing the paper types while the printer is in printing session, or otherwise thepaper printers jamming can happen.
  • Paper printers jamming is caused as the result of too many papers in paper tray. Avoid this thing to happen.
  • Do not overload the printer with pages as this would jeopardize the entire printing process.

When you get accustomed with the paper printers jamming, it is better to take care of the above suggestions. It will help you in maintaining printing procedures for consistent duration.

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