Magazine Printers

What are the advantages of Magazine Printers? Magazines have been the most significant part of reading since long times. New range of printers has come into life and these are known as magazine color printers.

These special types of printers are capable of printing thousands of color and black white prints on the set of single command button. The printers are overwhelming, producing clear texts and wonderfully appealing graphics.

Advantages of inkjet Magazine Printers

Inkjet printers are designed in a unique way, working on the concept of propelling droplets of ink directly onto the paper. The ink is then gradually released from many small movable cartridges.

In case it is a colour inkjet printer, there is the black cartridge and three separate colored cartridges. The cartridge can be replaced either completely or cartridge is quickly refilled with a special refill kit. Here is a quick view of inkjet printers for magazine printing:

  • These state of the art printers are considerably affordable to buy.
  • High end line of inkjet printers have enormous capabilities to produce superior quality images on special type of paper designed for magazine publications.
  • There are several light weight models of printers that are light in weight and quite compact as the result of which do not take plenty of space.
  • The printers are user-friendly and can quickly execute printing operation on the touch of single button.

Advantages of Laser Printing in Magazine Publications

The laser printers for magazine printing make use of laser beam for the purpose of image processing. Instead of using the ink, the laser printer integrates a small toner, dry plastic powder, used in perfect combination with carbon black or the coloring agents. Following are the advantages of laser printers in the publication of magazines:

  • The prints taken from laser printers are of very high quality and quite accurate.
  • Fast printing capabilities, and can therefore be put to use in magazine publications, where bulk prints are required.
  • Each of the prints is dry to touch. It is due to the high quality of technology used in prints.
  • Any type of magazine printing jobs can be undertaken and completed in scheduled time frame

While the state of the art magazine printers are making whole lot of difference in printing, make sure you buy only the branded ink cartridges. This will keep the printer performing for long duration and quality will be maintained. In succinct, the printers used for publication of magazines, have made astronomical difference to journal and magazine printing.

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