Kyocera Printer Leading the Way for Environmental-Friendly Printing

When it comes to great quality printing experience, the Kyocera printer does not lag behind. Known for its environmental friendly printers, Kyocera make sure that it delivers great products to its market with fewer expenses from the part of the consumers.

Many cited Kyocera-printer as the practical printer of this technological age due to the following reasons:

1. Kyocera-printer has been leading the advocacies for environmental-friendly products. Based on utmost research and brilliance, the Kyocera-printer has parts and functionalities that do not harm the environment. Furthermore, it has energy efficient feature that saves electricity consumption.

2. This printer is user-friendly. Despite its robust frame and heavy duty performance, it has remained "reachable" to the market. Its user-friendliness makes it appealing to many computer users.

3. Great quality. As expected from the Kyocera brand, the Kyocera-printer produces high quality images and document printouts. Its products are crisp and are natural-looking.

What makes this more interesting is that Kyocera does not practice the usage of ink cartridges. It utilizes a new technology wherein print drum and toner container serve as the ink cartridge.

Meanwhile, to name a few of Kyocera-printers - the FS-C5150DN and FS-C5350DN

1. FS-C5150DN Kyocera-Printer. This environmentally friendly printer can print utmost twenty-one pages per minute in both colored and black-and-white printouts.

Its great quality is brought by 9,600 DPI with the latest technology of multibit printing being used. One can print directly to this Kyocera-printer through USB flash drive.

2. FS-C5350DN Kyocera Printer. Another epitome of Kyocera great quality printers, this FS-C5350DN printer can print up to thirty pages per minute in both colored and black-and-white printing.

With its multibit printing technology, this Kyocera-printer boasts of its 9,600 DPI. You can place more than 1,000 sheets to its five paper feeders. No hassle for constant placing of papers in the printer.

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