Refilling the Cartridges of Kodak Printers

Kodak printers are a product of Kodak, a company that was founded in the 1800s. It has been in the photography business for centuries.

Today instead of focusing on cameras, they also make home photo printing accessories. These printers are not only of high quality they also save on the cost of ink used for printing.

How Kodak Photo Printers Work

Most printers for the home are usually ink jet printers. Printing of photographs requires one to download the photos into a computer from the camera. The photo is then edited as per the requirements of the owner using photo-editing software.

The user then inserts the appropriate paper into the printer and sends the photo to the Kodak-printer. The printer then forces tiny ink droplets onto the paper to recreate the photo.


Kodak inkjet printers are specifically made to produce top quality photographs at home. The ink cartridges are designed by the best engineers in the industry to realize significant cost reduction.

With a Kodak printer, you will definitely spend less on replacing ink cartridges. Ink wastage is maintained at a bare minimum. In its line of easy share printers, Kodak uses a system that combines two cartridges.

Refilling the Cartridges

  • Buying new cartridges every time you run out of ink can be quite an expensive affair. To cut on costs, you can simply refill the cartridges you had.

  • You will only need a refill kit and tissue to have your old cartridges up and running.

  • Buy an ink refill kit from the relevant dealer. Ensure that it has a syringe.

  • Take out the ink cartridges from your Kodak printer.

  • On the under side of the ink cartridge you will find a hole. This is where the ink will be injected.

  • Before carrying on, ensure that the syringe is a bit moist. You can now gently insert the syringe into the hole.

  • Squeeze ink into the sponge through the hole until it’s moist. Do this conservatively to prevent the cartridge from overloading.

  • Remove the syringe from the hole and wipe the cartridge with the tissue.

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