The Amazing Kodak Photo Printers

Kodak Photo Printers give you, the consumer, over a century photo experience. Compared to other printers in the market the quality and cost of printing when you use a Kodak printer are at best the most bare minimal you will ever have to pay.

Kodak photos printers come with many connection possibilities: USB connection is a standard feature in all printers, Blue tooth connection also a standard feature in all Kodak printers, later day models come with the option of WI-FI connection, and all models come with digital printing capabilities.

The Photo Kodak printers relies on the best color management profiles e.g. Adobe. The end result is that colors printed on the paper do not have several shades/ shades that are vastly different from the original colors.

Apart from the reliance on quality color management profiles, Kodak photos printers also rely on design specifications - nozzle dual drop print - that is unique to Kodak photos printers and this two issues when coupled together make for a perfect image.

For all you office needs your best bet lies with using office printers in the Kodak photo-printers series. There are a dime a dozen Kodak photo printers that await you, this include -

  • The Kodak ESP Office 2170 that retails for $ 1340 that comes with a 25 page document feeder.
  • The ESP office 6150 all in one printer that retails for $ 200 and has the capacity to handle up to 200 sheets on its paper tray.
  • The Kodak office 6.1 that retails for $ 200 and comes with a capacity for two-sided printing

All the above models are equipped with Kodak Cloud Printing software and this means that your PC camera, or laptop will need to be connected to the internet. For personal photos, you best bet lies in the purchase of Kodak EasyShare printers.

The best in this series is the E500 that retails for $ 200. It comes with an 8.1 card reader and large LCD to accommodate any format except smart media. For further details log on to best where you can download both drive software and firmware.

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