Is your Printer giving you a hard time

Is your Printer giving you a hard time? here is how to fix it. Printer problems are surprisingly common, and there are thousands of people all over the world who are two shades short of a total meltdown simply because they have no idea what to do when their printer refuses to print. Well, that's why we're here.

The key is to ensure your printer works at maximum capacity, by following a few key instructions.

Is your Printer giving you a hard time? Here's what to dO

The most important step is figuring out why you are getting no print outs, or why instead of a page full of information you are getting a set of useless lines, and only the first letter of the first sentence on the top half of the page.

The first thing you should do once you buy a computer is to ensure that the sales person takes you through the printer manual. This process is important for the simple reason that it helps you trouble shoot, hence figure out what exactly is wrong, and get it fixed.

On some level, it may be a hardware issue. The printer clearly indicates that its printing, but nothing is happening. This can be caused by any of a half a dozen problems;

  • You did'nt set the online button
  • Then there is the all too famous cable problem. Check to ensure the cables are fastened. Printer vibrations, or even when you slightly move the printer, the cables may loosen, and you can't do much with a set of loose cables.
  • New printers are always subject to port confusion. Once you set it up, ensure that you set it up the right way.
  • There are scenarios where the screen on the interface just freezes, even after you've set things up the right way. All you need to do switch it off and on to see if you get any response.

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