HP Photo Printers

As with all machines, HP photo printers fail once in a while. Not a single printer manufacture in the world can offer a guarantee that your printer will never fail. The best they can do is make it easy for you to troubleshoot them yourself.

If you experience and hitches with your photo HP printers, the trouble may be as a result of problems with the ink cartridges, paper or software. To effectively troubleshoot you photo Hp printers it is probably best to understand how it works.

Troubleshooting Guide for HP Photo Printers

If however you do not, do not worry the instructions below will give you an easy to follow solution to each common problem. If you see an error message that is displayed on the front panel of your photo HP printers, you should detach the USB cable found at the back of the printer.

You should then proceed to remove the ink cartridges from the printer. Wait until you see a message urging you to insert the cartridges then put them back. Reattach the USB cable you had disconnected.

Paper jams can occur when you are printing. When this happens you should switch off the printer and force the paper out. Do not use too much force. Ease them out if you can to avoid damaging the printer. After this is done ensure that paper is loaded correctly into the try to avoid a recurrence.

At times the printer may refuse to work and only display a blinking red light. When this happens ensure that the output tray is open. If this does not stop the blinking, check whether the cartridge door is closed and the cartridges are properly inserted.

If at any time your printer stalls while you are printing, you should restart your computer immediately. If the problem does not go away, you should clean out temporary files then close all background programs that could be contributing to the problem. If it persists try using the printer on another computer.

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