How to Install a Network Printer

Easy tips to help you on how to install a network printer. Network printing is one of the most convenient and high value processes you can have in your home or office.

It sucks to have to connect a separate printer to each computer, or, even worse, having to connect and disconnect your single printer to a different computer every time.

Having a computer network that allows you to use one printer to print from any of the computers on your network saves both time and resource, making it a fast and easy process.

It's not rocket science, and contrary to what many people believe, you can actually do it yourself in a few easy steps.

How to do it

How to do it

  • Once you've set up your router, all you need to do is get your printer positioned close to it. Identify the network slot and plug in your printer cable, then turn on your printer.
  • Then you need to way lay issues of configuration. This is done by placing a paper in the printing tray, finding the configuration button on the interface. Press it and put the print out aside, you'll need it later.
  • Turn on your computer and add 'new printer' to the O.S. It depends on what you are working with. Windows has a control panel that will clearly specify 'devices and printers', while Mac has the Apple button that directs to the 'printers' manual.
  • Sometimes there is the need for your printer's IP address, that's not a problem; you can find it on the configuration sheet you printed out in the first step.

You have to go through a bunch of other low level processes, anything from typing in a network card type, in which case you can insert the data CD that came attached to your printer. All you need to do is follow instructions keenly; the rest is pretty much self explanatory.

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