Hiti Printers

Hiti printers are slowly and gradually making their mark on the printing world. These printers are working great and have shown immense power, especially with their new range of direct wireless printers.

Though not very old as compared to popular brands like HP, or Canon, Hiti's printers have started showing the power.

Why the Hiti Printers are Special?

The latest photo printer range from Hiti color printers offers instant wireless printing directly from your camera. The exclusive printer line provides users with seamless photo printing, generic printing as well as copying and faxing options.

Talk of the advanced Hiti's Direct Wireless print technology users will get excited. It is the sheer result of this new technology that give users the real time advantage to transmit the photographs from any model of PictBridge compatible digital camera directly to the photo printer through a wireless mode.

The photographer will have free hand as he is busy and involved in professional photography, and as soon as he snaps the photographs, it can be transmitted for quick printing. The printer on the other hand works independently, neither taking any manual instructions nor requiring any kind of regular technical concern.

Hiti WFT510 is one of the enormously efficient printers that is making big in the printing market for several technological advancements. One of the most amazing things to look into is that it can perfectly synch with different types of media sizes suitable for printing images of various sizes viz-a-viz 4x6, 5x7, 6x8, or 6x9.

Hiti WFT510 also has 4 software bundles that are available as freeware. These freeware are:

  • eFrame Converter - Quick conversion of digital frames or logos
  • EventDesiree Deluxe - If you want to print large quantity photos within stipulated time.
  • ID creator - Allows you to print ID formats and templates in simple, straight steps.
  • IDQuickDesiree - Quickly print your Passport or ID photos without any hassle.

Hiti P510Si comes with state of the art integrated wireless technology and advanced direct wireless printing capability. This printer has light weight, with ample media range, offers the most expedient and cost efficient printing methodology - all of which makes it the best printing job.

With huge range of Hiti printers available out there, definitely, you have better choices to make and most importantly, there are flexi options too. The printers are undoubtedly not very old in the competitive printing market, but obviously you have advanced user-friendly options that make good difference to quality of prints.

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