HP Printer Troubleshooting

What are some of the type of HP printer troubleshooting you need? HP is the branded and well known company working hard for years in the field of computers manufacturing.

The printers manufactured by HP are working in various types of challenging conditions, both at home and the office. However, there can still be sudden problems with your HP printer, and this is the time when you need to think of HP printers troubleshooting seriously.

Before moving on to the Hewlett Packard printer troubleshooting zone, let's take a quick review of the common problems associated with the printers. The most common types of printer problems include Paper jams, Missing/corrupted drivers, faded printing text and the Error 79 or 50.4.

Details on HP printer troubleshooting

Paper jams- One of the many common problems faced by printers is paper jamming. This happens quite frequently. There could be several reasons behind it. The prominent reasons include accumulation of dirt in the printer, wrong paper thickness, or paper roller is damaged.

As the part of HP printer troubleshooting, you need to make sure only the right type of paper is used and check the paper roller too. Professional technical help in this direction is always recommended. Another aspect of troubleshooting in case of paper jamming would be to pull out the paper in the direction of paper path, and not opposite to it.

Error 79- This special printer error, quite possibly happens when the printer on the network server has a problem. The situation can also arise when add-on part like RAM module or MIO card just fails. Here, the HP printers troubleshooting calls for serious action.

All that needs to be done is go to the 'Start' menu> click the 'Printer', and remove all types of pending printing jobs. In case the situation still persists, it would be quite practical that the add-on printer part is re-installed.

Error 50.4- The error 50.4 in your HP printer clearly indicates that there is a power supply problem. In case your printer has been plugged to a UPS, a good idea would be to unplug it and then again plug it back. This troubleshooting will bring the HP printer back into life. Besides, keep in your mind that all other components are in proper action.

If you have problems with your HP printer, the best idea would be to go for a HP printers troubleshooting job as this gives you precise idea on the kind of problem that the printer is experiencing.

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