How to fix Epson Printing Problems

People have a tough time dealing with Epson printing problems, when troubleshooting is one of the easiest processes to determine and fix the problems.

All you need is a set of effective, clear solutions to all your printing problems to ensure you get back to stress free printing.

How to identify and deal with Epson Printing problems

Epson printing faulty problems are pretty much the same as other printers, are have a similar rectification platform. All you need to know is know where to look. There are various different problems;

  • If at some point your printer is unable to print, check for error reports on your printer interface. Errors tend to occur when you try to print certain complicated patterning. All you need to do is end the test run, get rid of the error report and try again.
  • Sometimes people insist on printing when the maintenance tank is full. Dont push it, replace the tank and try again.
  • There are also issues of paper compatibility. You may load a paper that doesn't match the paper selected, and it may cause your printer to reject the print. You need to ensure that the loaded paper that you put in matches the paper type selected on your printer.
  • Paper size is also a huge contributing factor when it come to faulty printing. You need to match the data size to that of the paper size.
  • There are also issues of wrong command. You send incomplete or damaged data to the printer and the printer interprets it as a wrong command and it just sits there, doing nothing. You need to stop printing, press on the pause button continuously for a couple of seconds to correct the problem.
  • Lastly, there is always the issue of cartridges, you may have put in the wrong ink cartridge, or your toner may be out of ink. The printer interface will specify the problem; all you have to do is replace it.

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