Digital Photo Printers Reviews

The amazing digital photo printers reviews. When it comes to printing digital photos, many people wonder which is better: using a printing service or printing at home.

Reviewers say a photo printer can be convenient if you frequently need prints of your snapshots. While many photo printers are relatively inexpensive, you have to factor in paper and ink costs, which can quickly add up.

If you have a digital camera, a great photo printer will eliminate the middle man when it comes to getting wonderful photo prints for albums, to share with families or to frame and display. You want to be sure to choose a printer that is suited for photo printing, and will produce dazzling printouts.

Dedicated Best Designed Digital Photo Printers Reviews

Dedicated personal photo printers are designed to do just one job: Print 4x6-inch snapshots directly from your digital camera or memory card. Some models can also print 5x7 inch photos, and a few can handle 4x12 inch panoramic shots.

They generally don't have the versatility of full-sized inkjet printers (which can print 8x10 inch photos as well as documents), but they make up for this with their ease of use and portability.

Not all snapshot photo printers come with batteries but they're light enough to carry around and plug into the nearest outlet, which allows you to take them on vacation or to wherever you need to print photos.

The two top manufacturers of mini photo printers are Epson and Canon. You would want to choose a photo printer with the best overall value, versatility and low-cost. According to experts, The Epson Picture Mate Charm has the best value for its superior photo quality, ease of use and low per-print cost (about 25 cents).

Most digital photo printers reviews also say this photo printer is speedy, taking about 42 seconds to print a single photo; others report speeds closer to a minute per print. The PictureMate Charm is PictBridge-compatible and can accept most types of memory cards, but it cannot print from USB drives. A Bluetooth interface is optional. Editing tools include the ability to crop photos and adjust brightness levels.

An available battery pack makes the PictureMate Charm truly portable. However, given its size and weight (6.7 inches by 9.1 inches by 5.7 inches, and about 8 pounds with the battery installed) you may not want to carry it around with you.

For its versatility, the Canon Pixma iP100 is a very good printer. It can produce snapshots in a range of sizes (from 2x3 inch to 8x10 inch pictures) and can print documents, as well. Although it does the job of a full-sized printer, it's as small as most snapshot printers (5.8 pounds with the optional battery pack). It is both PictBridge and Bluetooth compatible.

Digital photo printers reviews say the Canon Pixma iP100 can produce a 4x6-inch print in about 50 seconds, and photo quality is excellent. Per-photo costs are on par with most snapshot printers at around 26 cents.

This printer stands out for its combination of versatility and compactness even though there may have been reports of some complaints with paper jams. Finally, one of the least expensive photo printers you can buy is the Canon Selphy CP800.

Although some of the initial savings will be eaten up over time by the high cost of the thermal-dye ink and paper it uses, experts still say that the CP800 is easy to set up and use, and print quality is very good if a little slow - about a minute per photo.

With its small size and optional battery, the CP800 is also portable. It's compatible with most popular memory card formats, and PictBridge and a Bluetooth link can be added via an optional adapter.

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