Dell Printer Cartridges

Dell printer cartridges are specifically manufactured with specifications to ensure that your printer is of high performance and gives exceptionally sharp and good quality prints.

Most people believe that just any cartridge can be used with a printer because they all have inks but you need to understand that not all cartridges are the same.

Varieties of Dell Printer Cartridges

There are cartridges meant only for production of black and white prints while others are for color prints. Different cartridges also come with specifications on the terms of use.

There are varieties of cartridges, which one can choose from. These range from black cartridges, color cartridges to photo cartridges. These kinds of cartridges are meant for specific models of printers, which are indicated on the instruction manuals of every cartridge.

All the three categories of cartridges are classified into series ranging from series 1 to series nine. Black cartridges are available in High Black, economy black and Standard black while color cartridges can be found in standard color and high color.

The photo cartridges, which are mainly meant for photographs, are available in standard photo. For perfect prints, these cartridges have recommended papers that they are to be used with.

Since not all printers are same in size and even functionality, dell printer color cartridges are also available in different volumes or quantities.

The quantity is always indicated on the specifications of the product and is one of the things that one should keenly look for while shopping for cartridges.

To be able to get the right dell color printer cartridge for your printer, you should ensure that the Part Number, indicated on the front of the cartridge, matches the model of your printer.

When shopping online, all you will need to do is simply click on the printer so that you are automatically taken to the correct cartridge for your printer.

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