Color Lazer Printer

Each color lazer printer is designed for a purpose, and some printers are designed beyond the purpose, and included in this category is color laser printer. There are three simple reasons why a color laser printer tops the chart.

The first of course is that it is a color printer; second reason is that it works on laser technology and the third reason is that it offers super fine print. The color laser printer is idea for small offices as its maintenance cost is less in comparison to the inkjet printer. And now coming straight to the most important question - How you will make the selection of color laser printer?

Selecting color lazer printer for small organization

Here are few points to keep in your mind:

Shop and find out the pricing - The entry level and the high end color laser printer for small offices are available in the range of $ 300 and $ 400. However, if you shop and compare the prices of color laser printer you would definitely come across some amazing deals. These will be price saving deals.

The print quality - The quality of color laser printers can only be judged after analyzing the print quality of output. It would depend on the printer brands as to what type of quality is provided by the printers. Some laser printers provide average quality prints and some would amaze your eyes.

The speed of printer - The color type laser printers have their own varying speeds. Some colored printer models are capable of printing quickly and effectively. You can expect real good prints in less of time frame. There are also other low end printer models that just do not offer high end quality.

What is the page yield of printer - The page yield of a printer is defined as the number of pages printed at 5% coverage. You need to compare the cost per page of various types of laser printers out there in order to make the final judgment. The cost per page of printers varies significantly. Different category of color laser printers have different specifications of page yield provided.

Select from the printer brand - The market is flooded with variety of branded color laser printers, and all that matters is your choice. Shop around on any reliable online printer store and you will find Dell, Lexmark, OKi, Minolta and Xerox color laser printers. The prices are competitive, with several brands offering good discounts too. However, make sure you are at the right store.

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