Cloud printing

Cloud printing is the part of cloud computing, and therefore it is important to know about the Cloud computing first.

Cloud computing, as the state of the art technology, gives users the real time advantage to the users to manage the vast array of computing resources that can be accessed from a specific location or from the specific device.

Cloud printing and its Insight

A centralized location gives accessibility to the computers that are remotely places at various other locations, through the fast speed internet connection. With the cloud computing technology around, the users can quickly access data and peripheral devices from anywhere and at any time.

Cloud computing printing uses the similar concept and makes the printing quick through the web.

Role of 3D printer

Today, there are several players providing the printing services through the cloud computer printing and these largely include 'Google Cloud enable Print', 'HP Mag Cloud' and 'eprint', 'PrintMe' and the DTP systems. These professionally managed companies and service providers are offering this type of printing arrangements maintain many servers and various resources for routing the request for printing from perspective of the user to printing enabled printers. The request for printouts can be quickly redirected to the printer.

The requests may be either redirected to the printer immediately by the service provider or depending on the preference of the user. 'Google Cloud Print', 'HP Mag Cloud' and 'eprint', 'PrintMe' from Xerox, DTP systems etc are some of the major players in the cloud computing printing service provider's field.

In the fast growing technology world, cloud computer printing has become an increasingly user-friendly with service providers offering reliable options such as uploading or mailing content matter directly to the registered Email ID (given as 'PrintMe'), and all the user has to do is simply enter 'PrintMe' for printing the content. Features such as the 'Google Print' has further made cloud enable printing easy, as the printing service is offered via Chrome extension from Google account for classic as well as cloud enabled printers.

With the cloud computing printing technology around, the users gain natural advantage of taking prints without showing any type of formal dependence on any peripheral for storing the data or bothering any availability of printer drivers or any type operating system compatibility. User doesn't even need to switch on their personal computer.

Among the many known advantages and benefits of cloud computing printing, the concept of green printing is one of the most talked about. The green printing concept reduces printing paper wastage and this indirectly saves the trees.

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