Canon Printer Problems

The amazing solution to your Canon printer problems guide. Printers like any electronic gadget around have grumbling problems. But it doesn't in any way means you have to continue to live with them. Canon is a top notch electronics and optics company, known primarily for their high quality SLR and DSLR cameras.

And they have also ventured into inkjet printers and plenty of other stuff too. The printers show superb performance under all set of conditions, however, this doesn't ward off the very notion that canon printer problems exist. Let's take a quick view over these problems:

Five Biggest Canon Printer Problem#1

The printing process is too slow than expected - One of the biggest canon color printer problems is that often after continuous cycles of printing, the action is slowed considerably. There is reduction in print quality. It is the clear indication that you either need to increase the RAM or slow down the process of printing substantially.


Prints are light, spot and show horizontal lines - It can be one of canon color printer problems to look into. The reason can be many, such as the clogged print head. This type of problem can easily develop, if you are not using the printer frequently. The canon's printer utility program can help in cleaning the dried ink.


Wrong messages delivered - It is a very regular incident and significant canon problems wherein the printer shows up out-of-ink messages, and this message is not worthy of any reliability. There can be several problems for these messages to recur. A good idea would be to reset the ink cartridges.


Printer gets heated up - There are situations, and this is the case, when you are using the printer too frequently, lot of heat is generated. In this situation, you need to give a break to printing and wait for some time before restarting the printing.


The high cost of Ink and/or toner - The ultra-pricey toner can cost you good amount of money and this is where the entire situation turns out to be worst. If you are going for the toner or cartridge change to the third party vendors' or even opt for the refilled ink or remanufactured cartridges you are just making things move on the worst side.

Is your canon printer facing any technical problem? You need to take it straight to nearest can service center and get it checked. And furthermore, you can easily come out of the printer problems, if you continue to service the printer from authorized service center.

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