Canon Printer Drivers Online

Finding your canon printer drivers online tips guide. Canon is a leading company that is enabling people communicate and connect efficiently all over the world.

In a bid to continue providing quality services to its customers, canon is giving you an opportunity to fine your canon printer online drivers via a free guide. Finding and installing drivers can be complicated sometimes.

Fine Your Canon Printer Drivers Online For Free Guide

The instructions offered by canon online help customers install their printer drivers automatically. Canon printer driver packages are split into two: the cndrvcups-common and the cndrvcups-capt.

These two versions are available online from canon printer driver PPA. This provides customers the easiest way of installing drivers. This is because you can install canon drivers using pre-built packages. However, you can still use the old method to install your drivers. This method does not utilize the package repository. Canon has built a script that automates the installation of drivers on the two kinds of architectures.

However, it does not supply 64 bit of DEB packages. Compiling drivers from the source can also be somehow tricky. As such, this script is the best option for people using Ubuntu and just an automation for 34-bit users in the manual installation mode.

The version of 64bit of DEB package is built on Ubuntu architecture. The 32 bit, which the script uses, is the version that is supplied by canon. These have been tested using Ubuntu 9.04i386 and Ubuntu 9.10amd64 via canon printer LBP2900. The archive that you need to access the script and packages is in order to install canon printer drivers is available on the canon website.

You just need to go through the readme file in the archive and get more details on how to install the canon printer drivers. The process is easy and you just need to follow commands and make the right choices in every step.

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