Canon Inkjet Printer Cartridge

Replacing canon inkjet printer cartridge tips and tricks guide. An ink cartridge is a component that can be replaced in an inkjet printer that contains the ink that is being used for printing.

Each ink cartridge contains one or more partitioned ink reservoirs. Typically, two cartridges are inserted in the printer, one that contains the black color while the other that contains the three primary colors which are red, blue and yellow.

These have their own slots and if one tries to interchange them they won't work. Mostly the black cartridge is placed on the right while the colored one is placed next to it on the left. Separating them ensures that the colors don't mix or cause errors.

Models of Canon Inkjet Printer cartridges

Most of the printer suppliers produce their own cartridges that are linked to them. Due to this, cartridges from various different printers may vary and be incompatible.

They may vary physically or electrically. In physical they will vary as canon has different sets of cartridges that vary from big to the smalls.

In electrically, that means even if they are of the same size and it also fits well it might refuse to print due to the fact that they are of different models.

One model most of the time wont work in the other model. That is why one is advised to know the model of their printer as this will help them when they are purchasing a new cartridge.

Replacing and refilling cartridges

Replacement of the cartridges may be expensive especially if it's from the original manufacturer of the printer. This has led to several buyers and sellers to go for the compatible cartridges that have been produced.

This due to the fact that they are less expensive and are easy to refill the ink than the normal manufactures. In addition to that, these cartridges also do contain more ink than the normal OEM branded ink cartridges from the printer's manufacturer.

These cartridges may also produce the same, of lower quality or even better depending on the vendor's ability to copy the ink formulation to its right content.

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