Bullzip PDF Printer

Creating a PDF with the bullzip pdf printer is perhaps one of the easiest tasks that can be carried out with the help of virtual printer. All that needs to be done is add a virtual printer on to the print options and that's it. There is nothing extraordinary that you need to get around with.

The moment you add a virtual printer, the very next minute of it, you will be happy printing documents. The Bull Zip PDF Printer is basically working as Microsoft Windows printer and it provides the user a solid interface for writing clean, effective PDF documents from any of the Microsoft Windows application, and this feels simply great.

Knowing the Credits of Bullzip PDF Printer

For one reason or the other, Bull Zip PDF Printer is a superb plugin working perfectly with Microsoft Office or Internet Explorer or any other popular Microsoft product. Bull Zip PDF Printer is created in such a manner that it would provide the direct output. Furthermore, the virtual application can also ask, if you intend to see the resulting PDF documentation the moment it has been created.

After you have installed the virtual printer, it will be immediately reflected as a printer option under the printing properties. In case you become interested to use BullZip PDF Printer as the default printer, (especially, when you want to produce large number of pdf documents), just right click on the icon and then make the selection to default. Once you have produced the documents, you can make the document right and password protected by entering the PDF BullZip Printer console.

There have been recent changes in this virtual printer. There is a special category of Embed All Fonts and Subset Fonts, and moreover, the printer writes a job.ini file with the help of print job information as given in printer's temp folder.

The benefits of PDF printer is that:

  • Creation of ebooks has become pretty simple and quick
  • Provides protection to the PDFs with passwords and encryption
  • PDF can be created directly from the options provided in the printer

Bull Zip PDF Printer is not about buying a printing machine made from chips, but it is a viable virtual printing resource that can make huge difference to printing in several ways. The software has several innovative set of features that make makes virtual printing a better and great job. And the most significant part is that you will not feel any hassle to print the documents as everything is systematic and streamlined.

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