Bluetooth Printers

There are just no limits to how far Bluetooth printers technology can go. Modern printers take this literally by enabling you to print you documents from as far as a hundred meters away, thanks to the introduction of Bluetooth printing printers.

These printers take advantage of the advent of Bluetooth connections to bring an out of this world printing experience to users. But just what makes these printers stand out?

Supreme Features of Bluetooth Printers

Bluetooth printing printers bring to the fray exquisite features that the printing world had never seen before. Here are some of the features that come with these unique printers:

  • Wireless printing: The numerous connections that come with ordinary printers can be very cumbersome, especially when cables start breaking or becoming loose. With the new printers, all these is history as all you need is to configure them to your computer and enjoy printing without need for wires.

  • Range printing: With Bluetooths printing, you don't have to place your printer next to your computer for it to work. With some printers having a range of up to a hundred meters, you can easily print documents from a different floor with the printer.

  • Mobile phone printing: The printers introduce a first in printing technology by allowing users to print images and documents from their phones, provided the devices are connected. One can also use the Pictbridge USB port on the printers for this.

  • Security: The data you transmit between Bluetooth printing printer and your computer can remain safe from hacking, thanks to the encryption options availed. To enhance the security, you can also make sure that Bluetooth connections aren't left off when not in use.

With all these features combined with high print quality, there isn't much to ask for. Get Bluetooth printing printers today for your home or office and open a new chapter in digital printing.

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