Bluetooth Printer Troubleshooting

For bluetooth printer troubleshooting guide. Bluetooth technology refers to a wireless communication model which allows a user to connect devices such as printers to a computer without need for cables.

When a Bluetooth printer is functioning correctly, you will be able to remotely print documents from any Bluetooth enabled device such as a computer or even a phone.

Bluetooth Printer Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

At times though, your Bluetooth printer may fail to function as expected. In such instances, here are some tips that may help you troubleshoot the device and regain its usual services:

  • Installations: Ensure you have installed the software for that particular printer on your computer. You might have connected a printer not recognized by your computer.

  • Range: Check that your computer and the Bluetooth printer are within the stipulated range. This usually varies from about 10 to 100 meters, within which the two nodes will be able to exchange data.

  • Settings: Make certain that your computer is set to allow Bluetooth devices to connect. Check your 'Hardware and Sound' section on the control panel to ensure the 'Allow Bluetooth devices to connect to this computer' option is checked.

In case your Bluetooth printer still doesn't function, you can download Microsoft's 'Fix It' application to help diagnose the problem.

Other Tricks

You can print documents or images from your mobile phone. To do this, first pair your phone with the printer and you'll be able to enjoy these services. An easier way to do this is by making use of the Pictbridge USB port found on any modern Bluetooth printer.

One thing to avoid when working with these devices is leaving your devices on 'visible' mode as this opens the gate for hackers. To enhance security even further, use encrypting options to make certain your data remains inaccessible as it is exchanged between Bluetooth devices.

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