Best Inkjet Printer

The Best inkjet printer is a type of printer that works by spraying droplets of ink on paper to reproduce text and graphics sent to it from a computer.

The advantages that an inkjets printer has over its predecessor, like the daisy wheel printer or the dot matrix printer, is that it does not produce as much noise during printing.

Top Quality Best Inkjet Printer

In addition, the printing resolution that it offers is much higher, with capabilities of providing very fine, high quality photo printing options. When looking to purchase a print the main features to look out for are its printing speed particularly if you intend to use the printer for shared office printing.

Also pay attention its page-width format and this is determined by the size of paper that you intend to print. Some printers are designed specifically for wide page printing. There are several manufactures of professional inkjet printers. The major manufacturers are currently Hewlett Packard.

Their inkjet printing designs account for approximately 90% of the printers designed exclusively for the large format technical drawing printing market.

Other renowned manufacturers are Epson, Canon, Kodak, and Scitex digital printing.

The best printers that you absolutely must have for either office or home use, are currently the:

  • The Epson 5-10DN Business color inkjet printer; a very fast, cheap color printer that can also be used to print high quality photos.

  • The Epson Workforce 60 is a printer with several features, especially suited for small office needs with pocket friendly ink costs, with relatively good printing quality.

  • The The HP Office jet Pro 8000 Wireless Printer: a small office printer, built for speed with surprisingly low ink costs.

  • The HP office jet 6000 Wireless: also a small office printer, with several features and generally good performance.

  • The Canon ip4820 Pixma: a printer with good quality and speed specifically designed for home and student users.

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