All in One Ink jet Printer

All in one ink jet printer benifits tips and tricks guide. A while ago, typical home offices came with separate copiers, scanners and printers. Using them separately was a time consuming affair. They also consumed a lot of space in the office hence forcing people to spend more on hiring larger rooms.

However, that is all in the past since we now have an all in one inkjet printer that comes with a variety of features. For instance, it consolidates the scanner, fax combo and copier into one thereby saving you space and time. Sometimes it can also have a memory card slot that will enable the user to print photos. It is also normal for an all in one inkjet printer to have some in built wireless features that will allow printing on a network.

Benefits of Using an All in One Ink jet Printer

The other great thing about an all in one inkjet printer is that it does not require so many cables to connect the devices. That will definitely save you a significant amount of money that you could have used in purchasing cables. Unlike other printers, this all in one inkjet printer requires only one power outlet.

This will save you the inconvenience caused by so many power cables running across the floor in your office. These cables can also be dangerous to you because they can short and cause fire. All in one inkjet printer also costs less than its counterpart, laser. It has also become very popular among many computer users due to its versatility and usability aspects.

However, it is not very easy to tell which feature of an all in one inkjet printer is more important since it does several functions. Some of its features may be faster than others but one thing is clear; it is better than the previous ones. The only thing you have to consider when purchasing an all in one inkjet printer is the purpose for what you need it. Get a printer that will fit your needs.

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