How to Install An Adobe PDF Printer

Adobe PDF printer installation guide. Using Adobe Acrobat standard, you can create or modify all PDF documents without a hassle.

This application enables every Mac or windows user to create PDF files by installing a virtual Adobe PDF for printer that can be accessed by all users from different programs.

This virtual printer can at times be removed from the system through upgrades. However, this shouldn't pose much problem since the printer can be added back.

Therefore, it becomes important for any computer user to learn how to install back the Adobe PDF for printers into the queue whether it is on a windows XP, OS 10.5, or windows Vista.

Adding Back an Adobe PDF Printer

The first step to adding back an Adobe PDF for printer is to use the control panel to launch the set up utility for the printer and fax.

Then, go to the "add printer option and select OK. This will present options such as cancel or next. Click on the "next" button if you want to continue and then select the "local printer" option.

You will be presented with another option of whether to deselect the box or automatically select, install and play the Adobe software PDF printer.

Go to my documents and then down to PDF in the drop down menu. Click on the "next" button and select the "have disk" option.

You will be provided with a list of PDF conversion options. Select the top item in the list and continue by clicking on the "next button".

There will be a dialogue box in which you should type "Adobe PDF" and click "next". You need to wait for about two minutes before your Adobe software PDF printer is fully installed.

You will also have to wait for a while to allow the processing of windows drivers. Then click on the "finish" button so that the add a printer option can close.

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