11 x 17 Inkjet Printers

11 x 17 inkjet printers are a new revolution around. The printers are designed for creating great master pieces, as they have header designed to print large format photographs. The 11x17 inkjet printers also have enormous capacity to print various types of documents.

And now the big question that requires serious logical reasoning! How would you make the choice of your printer from the enormous range of 11x17 inkjet printers? Since there are plenty of branded printers available in the market, making the most appropriate choice, is just not an easy step.

All You Need to Know About 11 x 17 Inkjet Printers

Many reputed printer manufacturing companies around provide immensely great printer choices. But, still, you need to be very particular about the features of 11x17 inkjet printers. Each model of printer comes with unique set of features.

The printers make an ultimate combination for Small Office and Home Office (SOHO) users. There are many models of printers, which are making the use of very unique Landscape Print Technology that brings together amazingly low-cost printing, improved mobile device connectivity, and of course superb printing, faxing and scanning. 11" x 17" printing enhances the business productivity, and the printers are available in exclusive space-saving designs.

If you are keen on choosing multiple-functionality in the 11x17 printer, think of all in one inkjet printer. You not just get the traditional printing, but scanning and photo copying as well. Refurbished printers would make the ideal choice if you want to remain within the budget.

The key features of 11 x 17 inkjet printers comprise:

  • Very high-yield replacement ink cartridges made for quick and efficient printing
  • High speed printing capabilities and there are printing speeds moving to the maximum of 35ppm black and 27ppm color
  • High impact printing as the result of single sheet bypass tray
  • Impressive paper handling capacity
  • Easy navigation on the onscreen menus
  • Wireless/mobile printing tasks consummated within fraction of seconds

Printers and print technology has become advanced and it is still under the evolutionary process. Several versions of 11x17 inkjet type of printers are making the world. The world of print technology has paved the way towards clean documentation and execution of bulk printing jobs in record time.

Whatever choice of model you make at the end, make sure to check the printer features in advance. Do not make any decision in a hurry or you will end up wasting all your money and nothing more. For all reasons, always make slow, steady and informed choice.

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